Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year resolutions or not

I remember making a resolution this time last year.  It was not to have any resolutions. Now looking back I can see this was the only time in my life I had no goals for the whole year. I am sitting here on the last day of the year and I don't have anything to look back on...and I don't like it.

I love lists; I go to shop with a shopping list, I make a list of things to do around the house, and if I have my way even my cat will have a list.  I now know I love new year resolutions.  They give my life a purpose.  I like looking back on New Year's eve to tick the boxes and feel like I achieved almost everything I set out from the 1st day.

So I will make my resolutions and will add to it with glee on the first week of 2015 as I have done in previous years.  The only difference will be I won't feel guilty about the length of my list.  I will enjoy making and adding to my list.  I will have one for this blog, to keep writing at least once a week and to take photos add to my blog.

2014 - a good bye


So here I am on the the last day of 2014 - will I be sad to say good bye?.......  I don't think so

There was the bucket challenge, there was the new job, there was the end of a contract and for the first time in my life the threat of redundancy.  As I am sitting here no one had come forward to take on the company that went to administration on Christmas eve.

When I started my job with City Link in February 2014, it was only for a short time, or I thought. Now looking back I can see I took it for granted, the job was paying my bills and I got too lazy to find another.  I would have never met the people I work with anywhere.  That must be  my redemption.  I got to know their problems and my own seemed small in comparison.

I had seen many new faces coming in for training and many old ones leaving.  Some I was glad were leaving some I was worried about and some I knew would find their feet sooner rather than later.

Today as I drove to work to see them for the very last time, I had mixed feeling will I cry? will I be angry? will I pose for pictures? By the time I got there only a handful left and they had cried all their tears and their eyes were red but dry.  A child came in to with her dad to say good bye to us and found the empty seats too scary and was not sure if she wanted to stay.  I couldn't blame her, I was feeling the same.

I have their email addresses, will we keep in touch?  I should hope so. sincere wishes for all of us for the new year is for some good news on the job front.

Friday, February 7, 2014

My review of the book "Rocking your Role" by Jenny Garrett - week one

I was given this book as a gift by a good friend.

I read the blurb at the back, turned few pages to give a cursory glance and put it at back of the bookcase.  Yesterday,  as I was leaving my house to sit for an hour waiting for my children, I looked for a book to ease my boredom...... This book caught my attention.

At the waiting room I opened up the book and started reading.  I have read a lot of self help books in my time.  Not all of them worked for me but some clearly did and this one I can definitely say is one I like to put in the later group.

It has a 12 week Action and Reflection cycle. I am only on the first week of workout. 

I will let you know how I get on.

In the mean time, this website
will give you a clue as to what I am about to find out !!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Sandwich filling, an accidental discovery

A new sandwich filling I discovered while I was about to clean the fridge:

What you need

  • At least two days old bread - 2 pieces
  • Half-empty jar of pickled jalapeno pepper pieces(that you bought for your daughter's pizza making at school)
  •  Almost full jar of pesto("its basil mum not wild rocket, you know I don't like the taste of basil")
  •  The oil left in the jar of roasted peppers(the one you like so much and when the last of the pepper is gone you don't know what to do with the oil..that one)

Method: toast the bread lightly, pour some of that lovely oil(depend how much you like roast pepper infused olive oil, in my case a lot), get a spoon and get some of that pesto spread on to the toast. Decorate with pieces of jalapeno peppers(not too much if you don't want it to bite you back..they are hot !!)

Sit back with a cup of black coffee and enjoy !!!

(p.s Now I need to I patent my sandwich filling)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year already

It is my daughter's 16th birthday today.  That made me think about my own 16th birthday.  I need to do more now that I am a mother of a young adult !!!