Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Sandwich filling, an accidental discovery

A new sandwich filling I discovered while I was about to clean the fridge:

What you need

  • At least two days old bread - 2 pieces
  • Half-empty jar of pickled jalapeno pepper pieces(that you bought for your daughter's pizza making at school)
  •  Almost full jar of pesto("its basil mum not wild rocket, you know I don't like the taste of basil")
  •  The oil left in the jar of roasted peppers(the one you like so much and when the last of the pepper is gone you don't know what to do with the oil..that one)

Method: toast the bread lightly, pour some of that lovely oil(depend how much you like roast pepper infused olive oil, in my case a lot), get a spoon and get some of that pesto spread on to the toast. Decorate with pieces of jalapeno peppers(not too much if you don't want it to bite you back..they are hot !!)

Sit back with a cup of black coffee and enjoy !!!

(p.s Now I need to I patent my sandwich filling)

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