Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - a good bye


So here I am on the the last day of 2014 - will I be sad to say good bye?.......  I don't think so

There was the bucket challenge, there was the new job, there was the end of a contract and for the first time in my life the threat of redundancy.  As I am sitting here no one had come forward to take on the company that went to administration on Christmas eve.

When I started my job with City Link in February 2014, it was only for a short time, or I thought. Now looking back I can see I took it for granted, the job was paying my bills and I got too lazy to find another.  I would have never met the people I work with anywhere.  That must be  my redemption.  I got to know their problems and my own seemed small in comparison.

I had seen many new faces coming in for training and many old ones leaving.  Some I was glad were leaving some I was worried about and some I knew would find their feet sooner rather than later.

Today as I drove to work to see them for the very last time, I had mixed feeling will I cry? will I be angry? will I pose for pictures? By the time I got there only a handful left and they had cried all their tears and their eyes were red but dry.  A child came in to with her dad to say good bye to us and found the empty seats too scary and was not sure if she wanted to stay.  I couldn't blame her, I was feeling the same.

I have their email addresses, will we keep in touch?  I should hope so. sincere wishes for all of us for the new year is for some good news on the job front.

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