Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year resolutions or not

I remember making a resolution this time last year.  It was not to have any resolutions. Now looking back I can see this was the only time in my life I had no goals for the whole year. I am sitting here on the last day of the year and I don't have anything to look back on...and I don't like it.

I love lists; I go to shop with a shopping list, I make a list of things to do around the house, and if I have my way even my cat will have a list.  I now know I love new year resolutions.  They give my life a purpose.  I like looking back on New Year's eve to tick the boxes and feel like I achieved almost everything I set out from the 1st day.

So I will make my resolutions and will add to it with glee on the first week of 2015 as I have done in previous years.  The only difference will be I won't feel guilty about the length of my list.  I will enjoy making and adding to my list.  I will have one for this blog, to keep writing at least once a week and to take photos add to my blog.

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