Friday, May 7, 2010

Election.....UK style and in India

It was general election yesterday.
Last year I was in India for the general election and it felt like a big celebration gearing up towards the day...

Colourful photos and writing even on a quiet location !!

Here it was quiet except for a lonely aircraft with a tail that said " Great County...Bad Government" couple of days ago and party support boards in front of some houses.

I went to vote and met my MP and wife outside the empty Church hall which displayed 'Polling Station" in black and white. As I went in at 3.15pm there was no one else in the hall but the officials. I was given two ballot for the general election and one for the council election. As I registered my vote it didn't feel like a historic moment ..where was the inkdot on the nail...where was the queue...where was the fight?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Muddle free Maths

I am going to a 5 week Maths course aimed at parents. It is not the Maths I need help with is the vocabulary. Today we learnt about 'wicked bubble' and 'chunking'....last week it was 'number line' and 'partitioning'. I didn't know there was a world out there with all these words. What I need is a 'Maths vocabulary -to- simple English' dictionary. Next week we are going to be dealing with fractions...and I have a suspicion there will be enough vocabulary to keep us occupied for the next couple of years!! Hopefully we will be learning through a helpful medium...chocolate cake..I didn't know learning Maths could be this fun!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Cherry blossoms

Cousins on the trampoline

Posing for camera

More posing

Yesterday was noisy at home with cousins visiting from Oxford. Girls chatted for hours and they would have continued all night if they could....