Friday, May 7, 2010

Election.....UK style and in India

It was general election yesterday.
Last year I was in India for the general election and it felt like a big celebration gearing up towards the day...

Colourful photos and writing even on a quiet location !!

Here it was quiet except for a lonely aircraft with a tail that said " Great County...Bad Government" couple of days ago and party support boards in front of some houses.

I went to vote and met my MP and wife outside the empty Church hall which displayed 'Polling Station" in black and white. As I went in at 3.15pm there was no one else in the hall but the officials. I was given two ballot for the general election and one for the council election. As I registered my vote it didn't feel like a historic moment ..where was the inkdot on the nail...where was the queue...where was the fight?

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